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Post news RSS Apocalyptic Vibes — Demo update and Game Awards

New weapons, enemies, plot details and more are available in the update. Also, the game is in the top 100 on the Awards competition now! So, you can keep vote for it.

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Apocalyptic Vibes

An immersive first-person shooter on GZDoom Engine.

Screenshot AV 20220315 214655

Demo update

So, the following new features are available now in the demo:

  • shotgun;
  • knife;
  • new type of enemies;
  • some plot details;
  • the first in the demo dialogue character,

and more.



You can download the updated demo from Steam: Apocalyptic Vibes on Steam

Or via IndieDB: download AV Demo from IndieDB

The game is in Top 100!

Also, the game is taking part in the IndieDB's Indie of the Year Awards 2022.
It is in the top 100 in the competition now.
So, you can vote for it here:

See you soon

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