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Please don't forget to run the game with a dedicated graphic card.

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Please install first: (Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x86)

AoG Alpha 6.0 Installer:

Alpha 5.5 -> Alpha 6.0

- Income amounts increased. Build times reduced. Construction times increased.
- Post process effects tuned.
- Multiplayer lag compensation system implemented.
- Armory, Barracks, Heavy Factory added.
- Tech tree changed.
- Goliath added. This unit has an Electro-Magnetic Shield that slows every incoming AP rounds' penetration points with consuming its energy.
- New models and textures added.
- Parameters rearranged.
- Category level system implemented.
- Some parameter calculation bugs fixed.

Game Features:
- 3 Maps
- Skirmish games of up to 6 players
- Multiplayer-Co-op games of up to 6 players (With or without AI) (Uses steam)*
* You cannot enter the multiplayer menu when steam is offline.

Download NOTES:
1- Please don't install the game to a directory that needs admin privileges.
2- If you are using "Edge" as explorer, it will prevent you to download this file. You have to use different explorers.
3- If you are using Windows 10 or 8, SmartScreen will prevent you to run the installer. When the SmartScreen notification has appeared you have to click on "More Info" and click the "Run Anyway" button.

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