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To celebrate the release of Fortify on Steam. I'm hosting a multiplayer tournament for charity to let players try the new multiplayer feature!

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Announcing the Fortify Release Tournament! For charity!

Hi everyone!
The Fortify Steam Release is getting closer!

To celebrate the release, and the awesomness of the multiplayer, I will host a tournament on April 10th at 17:00 (5pm) CEST. 2 days after release to allow some practice.

Link to the Steam event:

Link to Challonge tournament:

Here's the description found on the Challonge page
What is it?
This is a 1v1 tournament in Fortify to celebrate its release.

What can I win?
Winner gets 4 copies of Fortify to give to friends.
Runner up gets 2 copies, 3rd and 4th get one copy each.
It's not all about winning! For every (playing) participant, I will donate 2$ to UNHCR, the UN refugee section. Proof of this will be posted on the Steam community page.

What are the rules?
Games are played with the predefined "Standard" settings in the lobby unless both players agree otherwise.
Games are played 1 vs 1 best of 1. Semifinals are best of 3, final is best of 5.
Bracket system is double elimination [en.wikipedia.org], so even if you lose a game, there is still hope.
The topmost player in the bracket hosts game. The bottom player joins.
Name your lobby: "Round X Game X" Where game is the game number next to your match in the bracket.

After a match, at least the winner must report results by taking a screenshot (F12 default) of the score screen and upload it somewhere so I can see it. I will be in the Steam game group chat. But challonge has places to upload results to the match.
If any bug occur at any time before either castle reaches 0, restart the game. If there is a disconnect, the player that loses the connection will lose. If there is an error with this, please consult me in the game chat.
You will need to be able to do basic communication in English.

Keep good manners!
If your opponent harasses, insults or says derogatory things to you, screenshot the chat and send me proof and I will make a decision about disqualifying the offender.

I maintain the rights to edit and change these rules at any time.

How do I participate?
Get a copy of Fortify on Steam ($4.99)
Create an account on Challonge
Register for the Tournament at: Challonge.com When signing up on Challonge, please use your steam name so it's easy to see who is who!
NOTE: You must "Check in" to the tournament. Check in opens 1 hour before the tournament starts!

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