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Galactic Glitch is an Action-Roguelike with smart, physical combat. Fight in bubbles of glitched Spacetime, hurl rocks, bounce foes off walls and skilfully destroy your multi-part enemies piece-by-piece in tough-but-fair, Souls-inspired combat. Explore, destroy, die, repeat.

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After 2 years of hard work, we're happy to finally reveal Galactic Glitch, a Space-Roguelike that will be coming to Steam in 2023!

We're Space game nerds and huge Dead Cells fans, so we've always wanted to make a game that combines these two genres in a way that's never been done before: Great feeling and super fluid controls, the upgrade paths, the physicality of combat, the focus on dodging and positioning, and even some of the weapon mechanics like the dual weapon setup and the recharging abilities are only some of the parts that are heavily inspired by Dead Cells.

In Galactic Glitch you fight your way through intense physical combat, bouncing foes off walls, hurling enemy missiles back at their owners, and destroying your multi-part enemies piece-by-piece.

wall bounce 2

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