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A short introduction to the game, where we learn who we are, and what to do.

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This is you:


You don't really matter. You are not a hero, you are simply a background character.

These are the heroes:

characters 1

Well, some of them at least. They do matter. They are doing heroic stuff like questing, defeating evil monsters and breaking pots!

And these, are your babies:

baby b 2

Your ugly, ugly babies. But no matter how ugly the little potato creatues are, you still need to feed them. And here is where the problem comes in...

The Problem:

In order to feed your babies, you need food. To get food, you need gold. Lately, however, all your gold has been going towards buiying new pots and crates, since the heroes keep smashing all your furniture! To stop the heroes, and save your kids, you need to take action - Drastic Action! It is time to lay some traps!

If you can stop the heroes from destroying all your stuff, then maybe you'll be able to provide for your children. And, as a bonus, you might even be able to salvage some of the heroes equipment, to build better traps, and get more stuff.

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