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This Article is created for Help and for IDEAS for the Story....

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I created this article so you can tell me what do you think about the story and what would you like to SEE, any IDEAS? would be of HELP! You can also PM me if you want im online almost anytime..

And also if any other FREE scripters (by Free i mean that are not BUSY and can help anytime) can help a little...

Also im looking for people who can create a custom monster or who can create Custom MODELS, so PM me if you are intrested in helping.... (i need a modeler to model me a custom monster if possible, my custom monster)

I WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT in my Blogs, and i can also do a favor, im a musician and i can create some custom music and also im a good artist and can draw/sketch monsters/entites....etc. So basically i can help Amnesia Modders in Custom Music and Sketches/Drawings/Entities.....

And one more thing im looking for LEVEL DESIGNERS... ( i am one myself) but i need them for some advices..

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