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Upcoming release here on Desura and Steam is coming very shortly. There were some large delays last year, but Dysis is due for a major release - and it is nearly here with a lot of new content!

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The Alpha release of Dysis is nearly here!

Main Menu

Dysis will be coming with a whole suite of sandbox tools to allow users to create maps, units, and program their robots! Dysis will also be coming with multiplayer support (the Steam version will work using Steam lobbies, while the version released here will work over IP/LAN). User generated content will become accessible over both versions, via a mod section.

World Generator

Players can create and edit the parameters used to randomly generate a map. This includes what materials to be used as well as foliage present, caves, how mountainous (or not), and what ores may be present. This tools is nearly complete, requiring only some nice saving and loading UI structure, and a few parameters to control material height and density. Build a generator with the properties you like, then play a random map based on those properties!

Terrain Sculpting

Once you've got a generator your like (or if you want to start blank), you can go in, choose a map size, and edit the fine details. Add or remove foliage, place bases in specific locations, and add material/walls/anything where you see fit. You want hidden caves or floating islands - do it here and play the same map over and over again!

Character Builder
Character Builder

Pick and choose from the models and textures present in Dysis, or add your own. You can build your own units, structures and foliage here - add in joints, and set up the tech tree as you see fit. Add particle effects, place weapons, and animate your characters for best presentation. You can then add them (if they are foliage) to your maps, or play with them in game if they are structures or units. Left to be done: adding in the tech tree interface, unit costs, and unit health/shields/upgrade ability.

AI Scripting

One big issue with RTS games is that units can be dumb or unpredictable. No more! Set your robot priorities (grouped by robot type) here. You want your mining robot to continue mining even if it is under fire? Just specify "command" over "evade fire" and it'll do just that. On the other hand, you have an unsafe mining outpost, but you can't afford to lose your bot - prioritize "evade enemy fire" over "command", and your robot will take initiative and attempt to save itself when it's under fire. Once it's safe, it'll return to work in a timely fashion. Still to be done: the entire UI for this, and most of the underlying code. The base for this code is here thought, so it should be quick work!

Multiplayer is also in the game now - while there is still some work to be done, it has run smoothly in testing, but is definitely going to be in alpha. Because the network code is all unique, and is a lot of work to code, the FPS aspect is currently disabled in all multiplayer games. As we progress, is will be added back in quickly. I am also working on getting user generated content to work smoothly over multiplayer - figuring out the best way to make that work may take some trial and error - but hopefully will be painless, so you can easily share your creations and designs with anyone you choose to play with!

Cryshal - - 2 comments

Wow, that looks really awesome! Can't wait for this version to get out. Quick question: will kickstarter backers get a steam key or will we have to use this Desura version?
Also, will I be able to do multiplayer with my friends if they buy the steam version and I have the desura version?

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liamdawe - - 399 comments

So glad to see this project is alive :D

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