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Post news RSS Alpha 5.2 released, PvP, Sound and more

A lot has happened since Alpha 3.0 and there are plenty awesome changes: the introduction of PvP, Sound Effects, Music and much more.

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Before we start laying out the latest changes to the game, we would like to point you in the direction of FedoraG4mer. He took the game for a spin and If you have been hesitant to check out Dusk of D.A.W.N. yourself, you might be more open to take a look at his video.


  • Sound & Music: Our game is getting loud. The game is really coming to life with our dark cyberpunk-esque soundtrack and every animation has been given a unique sound effect
  • Chat: We have enabled our chat system which gives you the opportunity to community with other players in different channels.
  • Leveling: We removed the level cap to level 5 and opened the game up to the maximum level of 20. Players can now unlock all perks available in the game
  • Homezone: This screen has undergone a major facelift
  • Cards: Half a dozen more cards are now available in the game
  • Loads of bugfixes have gone in


  • Players can now queue for random PvP matches and challenges other players directly through a chat command. Match rewards for random PvP matches are increased in comparison to standard PvE matches


  • Players now draw three cards during their first turn
  • Players get to choose one of two cards in subsequent turns
  • The loot chance has been rougly doubled
  • The match flow is a lot faster now since we removed a lot of command blocks

Since the game is still in public Alpha please feel free to check it out on Duskofdawn.com. Any feedback is appreciated and we hope you have fun!

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