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Micah demonstrates the Starman in an all-new video!

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Micah's got a new video showing off the 3D model for the Starman, check it out below!


Below are a few notes we'd like to address on the character after receiving some inquiry's:

Will there be 'normal' humans?

Yes, the bulky super armor here is meant to be attained over time and for co-operative PvE type gameplay. When playing in a crew-on-crew battle we'd want to have everyone battle in their red-shirts, of course. On the other hand we'd like to make a distinction between "Starmen" and human where possible.

Is the Starman a robot?

We wanted him to be "concealed" and mysterious during normal gameplay, yet not a robot. Apparently we need to make this more apparent.

Is this the only character I'll be able to play as?

No, we are working on other characters. In addition, the game (combined with lower poly requirements) should allow for easy modding in of new aliens & avatars. We'll be aiming for each of the primary playable ones we produce to offer a unique experience in the world though.

Are the eyes supposed to be that hard to see?

Nope, the You Tube video seems to have bleached out the color. joxp has also suggested we have the color change based on mood. Might be interestin'. =)

Tell us what you think!

Post your thoughts in the official thread and let us know what you think!thestarman3


The yellow on white of his face could use some work, and the torso seems a little too broad. The torso width isn't a huge problem, it sorta grows on you, but his face definitely needs something done about it, it's hard to look at as is.

My thought is maybe put a visor there? If the front portion of the mask had blue or black under the eye layer it wouldn't be so bad.

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I honestly don't really like it. No offense, but I feel that this model was half assed. I realize that you need low poly models, but you can do better than this. Don't jump the gun, there are a lot of other games doing the same thing as you, and you don't wanna mess this up! I bought the game last year because I felt that it could go somewhere great, but so far it's been all multiplayer stability, which is great and all...but there is not really much to do in your ship...

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[ZanMgt]Aaron Author

Getting the multiplayer right is paramount, with Notch himself wishing he would have built Minecraft with multiplayer from the beginning. It's taking a bit of time, but we can't move forward with the ship systems and main gameplay until its done, and what we had in the past was held together by popsicle sticks.

As for the character, it's in no way final (there was literally no attempt at texturing it yet), and you might want to follow the discussion in the forums to get a better idea on what we're going for.


Thanks for chiming in!

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