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Post news RSS Alien Arena 7.31 will soon be released!

An update of Alien Arena is on the way, featuring a number of new features, levels, and optimizations.

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There is some major news in the world of Alien Arena...you guessed it, another big release after a long summer's worth of hard work is imminent. Version 7.31 will feature some new graphical and sound improvements, some gameplay additions, bugfixes, and as always, some exciting new content. Additionally, the engine has received a number of optimizations, which allow for increased graphical settings out of the gate. There are two new maps included in 7.31, The Saucer, and Purgatory. The Saucer is a remake of one of Alien Arena's most classic levels, and one that screenshots can do no justice. Purgatory is a brand new level, featuring a gothic Hungarian architecture mixed with Alien tech. It's dramatic lighting, foliage, and pleasing colors make it one of the games most appealing sights.

Martian in Purgatory. The Saucer, reborn.
Purgatory main room. Entrance to Purgatory.

Another announcement is that we will be dropping the year from the name. The game will now simply be referred to as Alien Arena. Since we anticipate updating this game for many years to come, it only makes sense. Following the release of 7.31, we will continue to work on improving the game engine, and making new content and will hope to have another release sometime in the Winter of 2010.

Orion - - 587 comments

This is pretty good news! I really like AA and this update sounds like a great step forward indeed! Seriously looking forward to it! :)

BTW... Will the update be made available as a Patch on the previous version or a complete new install? Or maybe both??

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Irritant_new Author
Irritant_new - - 210 comments

Since it's a fairly small size(200mb) we just make new installs rather than patches. Historically we've tried to keep the installation at that size, and will probably continue to do so, relegating old content to the accessory pack if it's worth keeping.

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drummerofsummer - - 27 comments

LImitLessly an enjoyable mod. I only hope the updates can increase the graphix maybe using multi-core rendering and such

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Irritant_new Author
Irritant_new - - 210 comments

You'd be surprised at what it can do already. The game comes at low settings by default, and since per your pm to me you were unable to apply the video settings, you haven't quite yet gotten to see the full power of the render just yet. Hopefully we can solve your issue.

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