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Additional news and updates are available elsewhere; no, the project is not dead.

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If you're interested in additional news and updates regarding this project's development, please subscribe to the official mailing list found here:

9/7/09 - Addendum:

For those of you who have waited, and even supported us in the past, you have our sincere gratitude for keeping your cool, and mind open. This game will be for you as much as it is for ourselves.

For those that don't feel the same, but want to know where the project is headed, learn to have a bit of patience. Whether or not you subscribe to the mailing list is your own business; entirely your choice. If you'd rather believe in hearsay, i.e., anything without proper context or full understanding, so be it, but trolling for the sake of being heard won't be tolerated while development is active, especially here, and now.

Considering that this project is "free", continual development really only needs those that can support the endeavor, not bring it down.

bogie - - 173 comments

I have been looking on your webpage for ages with no updates. I have all but given up.

It would be nice if you could post some information.

You are not the KGB or FBI, nor are you under the official secrets act!

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AlexCrafter - - 320 comments

I'm signing up for the mailing list. Developers kind of have the right to show as much as they want to and even take as long as they want to, it's their game. Now here they're offering us an opportunity to see some updates, and you are saying no because you want to see more updates?

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Ori_Child - - 170 comments

Well... thank you for at least replying in some way.

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