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Action 69 Update - 14.1 - Waterfronts Update, has just been released, check out the full article below - TeamCS1.

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Hi all,

I am happy to announce Action 69 - 14.1 Waterfronts Update, has just been released.

In this update, I've focused on adjusting the city design and layout, I have added water and changed some district layouts. North Kuro Town is no longer an island, and I've created a river that flows in the middle of the city. I have also done several work on the new upcoming battle system that will be ready in the next update, which I am really eager to show next month.

If you like how the project is going and you would like to support us on this project consider subscribing to our Patreon.


Weapons Showcase


Ninkyo Dantai


  • Added a new district area: Industrial Zone
  • Added a new district area: Abandoned Buruwasu School
  • Added a new district area: Deadman's Alley
  • Added a new district area: Construction Area
  • Added a new water tile that is animated! Water tiles go along the western waterfronts.
  • Added a new canal tile that is next to the water tile.
  • Added Enemies! Defeating enemies drops Money and Weapons.
  • Added Baseball Bat weapon 1/10
  • Added weapon pick-up effects - Weapons float, and bob up and down.
  • Added a Main Menu with new options, New Game, Load Game, Options and Quit.
  • Added first enemy encounter test
  • Added Battle indicator with a red dialogue symbol.
  • Added a Talking indicator with a white dialogue symbol.

Changes and Updates

  • Updates have been made to the town of Buruwasu
  • Updates have been made to North Koro, so that it is no longer an island town as this was not intended.
  • Updated Skip model UV map (and added 5 texture LODs).
  • Updated the loading screen - Rather than a white flash and black screen, I have now created some indicator text for loading progress.
  • Changes have been made to the mini-map that now displays the water tile and canal tile


  • Fixed a bug where the camera rotates whilst in the Options Menu.
  • Fixed a few bugs with ghosting and graphic artefacts.

Minigames Wheel

  • Updated cover-art for Mass Warfare
  • Updated cover-art for Wally's Wacky Adventures
  • Updated cover-art for Rogue Agent
  • Updated cover-art for Altair's Gate

Thank you for playing our vision!

- TeamCS1

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