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Just a little chat about the changes and updates concerning ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft.

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Been a while, hasn't it? Much longer than we intended. Health issues are all the rage right now and no, I wasn't hit with Covid-19, thankfully. I have been on medical leave for four months, though. Oh yeah, got married too. That's fantastic, of course - we're a team and there's nothing better!

As for the resource pack, my medical issues have put what was going to be an immediate release of the pack for 1.15 has shunted it all the way to now. Also I've had to shift priorities in terms of hosting the files. ModDB is still going to be an "affiliate" for the foreseeable future, so nothing changes there. It's been a matter of changing the workload to something I can handle, which is why SourceForge is now my primary file host.

Tumbleberry and I are one discussion and a few changes away from having the resource pack ready for 1.16. It's been a lot of changes, and I'm still seeing a lot of interest out there, and for that I'm grateful. Thank you, everyone.

I can't promise more frequent updates - that's not reasonable or rational, but if you're interested in the very latest we've released, head on over to my primary file host. Otherwise, you're waiting until I am able to update this site.

Once again, thank you!

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