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This game is a hack and slash game for one or two players, where you will use everything in your power to return the head of the king's son in order to bring back the light in the kingdom!

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Once upon a time, in a land long forgotten by many lived a king and his wife.
They we’re happily married and on one day the newsboy shouted; Long live the king and his son – long live the king and his son!

The day the new born saw the light for the first time something terrible happened..
the sun which shone so brightly every day disappeared when the boy was born…

Citizens were shocked, the king and his wife paralyzed…This child was so hideous, so ugly, so despicable not even his own father dared to look at him anymore.
The townsfolk demanded that the king would sacrifice his only child to make the sun come back and fill the land with happyness again.

10 years of darkness, hunger and sickness passed when the king made a decision; he would sacrifice his only son. ‘This will break my heart and destroy my marriage,
but it must be done for the sake of mankind’ he whispered
every day the king sat on his throne and he would stare at the moon for hours, trying to reach a decision.

After hearing his father speak these words by listening though the thin walls of the castle The child escaped through a secret passage and fled into the forest where he would now live the rest of his life.

The king sent his best men into the dark lands to track down and kill his son, but none of the soldiers returned.. The evil in the kingdom grew stronger and without the light of the sun, the land would be doomed forever.

Since there were no soldiers left, the king gathered a group of 4 strong villagers who were asked to search the castle, both inside and outside trying to find this young lad and bring back his head…

It is here where our journey begins!

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