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Just what we have been up to. Gonna do up the star map, nice and proper. And then we will release. (yay?)

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There is still a LOT of stuff to do, but Edwin Gibson has been amazingly helpful. He does a fantastic job filling in those little blanks that I leave all over the place...Of course, we still need to fix the engine glow.... add the outfits... balance the outfits....

You get the idea.

The next thing we will be doing is doing the minor races, and adding in more systems. I am already trying to figure out where to put everything on the map. I want to add enough, to make sure that players can enjoy the new 'galaxy' but leave enough room for growth.

The ships are wonderfully super, but their outfits are completely screwed up atm. A big thing I need to do, is to do some power->mass->outfit capacity calculations. With that, I will have a good idea what mass the ships should have, this will allow me to design engines, heat, and power ratios for the ships. This will, in turn help me figure out pricing.

Ah, so much to do, but so much fun.

Emalgha will be receiving an overhaul. I always wanted to see what they would look like as a major faction, and it looks like that day is today. We have already been discussing what we both think that would look like, kind of a nifty world war II version of the originals. They will spew forth many bullets, shells, and good old fashion death dealing.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.

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