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A brief breakdown into to the team and the mod and what we are doing

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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed on some of what we are doing. I know you all are patiently awaiting more details about the mod, and I am going to provide some of those details today. First of all, let me say most of our team is currently hard at work on another project you may be familiar with Star Trek: Armada 3. This obviously slows our development on Infinities but we do have a dedicated crew working on it, before we begin I would like to break down currently who is involved and what they are doing.

Max Loef – The man who needs no introduction, our project lead and lead modeler and lead artist.

Revan67 – That would be me, I am the deputy lead for the Infinities project and lead coder.

KillaBC – Armada 3 veteran and working with Max on art assets

Hobbs203 – A new addition to our team working with Max and Conner on the assets for the mod
caelian556 – Armada 3 veteran as well and lead mapper for Infinities

Anichent – Boy wonder of the Paradox community who joined our team to work on accurate Star Trek maps, I won’t spoil the surprise but when you see his work you will be impressed trust me.

Lpslucasps – Another fantastic Paradox community member who signed on with us, we took note of his fantastic mods and reached out to him to see if would put it his talent to work with us. (He is not even a Trekkie! But we don’t hold that against him)

In addition to the new members to Infinities I would be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful talent at our disposal by some of our contributing artists. Wiley Coyote, Armagosa, KopfYaeger, Phoenixfett.

Recently I have been paying close attention to the Paradox mod community and have been looking both for talented individuals who would like to join our team as well as mods that would fit with our vision. Lpslucasps has graciously allowed us to include his own mods Tyranny of the Majority, Demilitarize, Better Subjects within the larger Infinities mod.

In addition to lpslucasps I have recently reached out to Kyojin regarding his fantastic mod Civilian Trade and it will be packaged with Infinities as well.

All of these mods will be packaged with the Border Wars demo due out this December.

Now there has been some question why we are not releasing ‘packages’ or ‘modules’. While we all do appreciate the eagerness and understand the desire to play it now, we would all love for you to be playing it right now too! However, while working on Armada 3 we learned a lot about when to release and when to hold back. While version .95 of Armada 3 was very successful, we felt that we'd let ourselves down by not holding back and releasing something with more polish. No, we're not AAA developers, but we, if anything feel even more compelled to give you a quality product, and one as free as possible from any defects or issues.

Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to getting Infinities into your hands!


very cool, looking forward to more news and pics and the mod itself :) keep up the great work!!

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Awesome. I totally understand you holding back on release. It's great to see regular updates though. That's the difference between you guys and most AAA devs :).

Do you intend the Borders Wars release to be like a scenario where we start with already extablished nations with canon borders, or will we be colonising the map from scratch like in the vanilla game?

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I am pleased to read that other mods are being incorporated. This will no doubt be a great boon to the overall experience of playing this new version of Stellaris.

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I still want starships with windows that roll down for fresh air. >:(

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