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I have been "Vacationing" on the Wright Flyer Game since I released it. Now I have started a second one!

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Last night, at about 11:00 I started Wright Flyer 2, I worked until, probebly 1:00. I figured out how to get things to follow your mouse in Game maker, so you dont have to scroll, and click to steer with your mouse in the second one. I am also making other gameplay modes. I started with a break out type game, (Shown in the picture) and in that, the huts and shacks are not top veiw, and unlike traditional break out games, the "Bricks" overlap. The reason for that is they are not bricks, but buildings, and it gives it the effect of a village. You are hitting a beach ball with the Wright Flyer to destroy huts, and shacks, at Kitty Hawk. (Okay, I know not everyone in Kitty Hawk, in fact most people, probebly live in houses, but it's a game. Kitty Hawk is probebly a lot nicer, but In the first one, I made huts and shacks, and I still Knew, and it was easy to make, I carry them on to the second one.) 1 hit destroys the huts, 2 for the shacks, and on the first, based on th picture, you can tell what happens to it probebly. I plan on making the beach ball spin, hopefully it will work. I might arm the flyer with guns as a special to. I will have to make other games, and Classic gameplay mode, (Yes with the new things) and mabey incorperate the old.

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