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Something odd has happened with our team, and production has slowed to almost a halt...

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Something odd has happened with our team, and production has slowed to almost a halt, but not to fear, spring break is coming up here soon and it is our intention to get back into gear and provide our community with even more updates. I'm not sure about everyone else's spring break on the team, but as for myself I almost have a week and a half. Note, that only a bit of this will be actually spent on Entropy because of various reasons that I would rather avoid going into detail about, but trust me when I say that we have plans for the future, and our team is not another group that only works on a "game" for only a few months and call it quits. Entropy has been in design for a few years now, and only now are we actually getting some final details down about how we simply want the game to run.

I hate to speak on Bacon's part, but I believe during his spring break that he has said that he will begin working on the new gaming engine for Entropy. As for myself, I'm here for modeling purposes and moral support really. Tomclancey aslo helps with our modeling, and TJ is also an important character to our team. Jarocks seems to be in a bit of his own world, but what can you do (LoL)? PainTrane is also with us on and off providing great concept art for most of our weapons.

I have to tell you guys the truth though, I really don't have much of a point of writing this, other than to give the select few of you watching us some hope for our team. We are still here, and we don't plan on resting until Entropy is done. Thanks again to those of you watching us, we are glad that most of the comments we get are positive, keep them up. We are always looking for feedback on our work, so please stop by our main site whenever you can and give us a quick chat, we would be glad to answer any questions you might have and are willing to listen to any suggestions you have.


Zunami - - 45 comments

Nice to hear! :)

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Silverfisk - - 1,080 comments

Yup, nice to hear indeed, you got a nice game going on here and I'm looking forward to playing it when it's done :-) .

Your site does not look like it's for Entropy, I can't even find the game mentioned there anywhere :-( .

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BobtheGreatII Author
BobtheGreatII - - 43 comments

Hmm... There is an Entropy section in the forums area. You have brought a valid point. The website doesn't much support Entropy, I'll talk to Bacon about getting Entropy it's own website.

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