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Hey guys! 7.0 is complete! We are almost at beta! Can't wait!

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Heres what I added:
7.0 Realism Update- Depleting Coconuts- Fishing Pole

The fishing pole is basically an alternate way of getting food. You are guaranteed 40 food points at the start of the game. (10 Coconuts and 30 Berries. These values may change!) When you run out of these resources your going to need some other way to find food. That's when the fishing pole comes in. You have less of a chance of getting food (30% Chance to be exact), you might also spend more actions points than it's worth, but at least it's food right? My body is coursing with excitement, and also exhaustion. If you alpha access feel free to ask. Good night guys!~ BGX, Dev. Dep.

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