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Turn-based dungeon crawler with unique musical magic is now going on Steam Greenlight.

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Seven Mages is a grid-based dungeon crawler with a unique turn-based system of combat that allows you to split up your comrades to make the battles more tactical. The mages you control employ various types of powers, including elemental magic, magical maneuvers and unique musical magic.

Assume the role of a mage charged with protecting a village of poor peasants from raids by rogue mages intent on stealing their crops. Pushed to the limit, the peasants pool their last resources and set off to town to hire mages to protect their village. They find you, and your first task is to assemble a company of six other mages to help the poor villagers.

In points

  • 14 unique environments
  • 28 types of enemies with different fight styles
  • 60 spells
  • Heavily tactical turn-based combat
  • Unique and previously unseen musical magic
  • New puzzles and twists in each level
  • Retro feeling in high-end graphics
  • Dozens hours of gameplay
baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Okay, why I'm buying your game:
+ You have an animator with wonderful skills.
+ You took care to fill the UI with big fonts for older gamers
+ You dared to make an amazing TURN BASED game!!! *2 bonus!
+ Your character portraits looks superb.
+ Your environment tiled bone textures look beautiful!
+ All your 3D art looks enchanting
+ Your 2D GUI art reflects heart-warming gorgeous graphics of the DOS & Amiga era. You realized that nice icons attract us, lovers of nice icons.
+ You created an AAA dungeon crawler combining features of many originals that have achieved a cult-following.
+ You invented fabulous new features yourself, such as the lava worm look and animation.
+ Hopefully not only I love mage characters, but 10 million of other buyers of your game as well. :)

** !!!Congratulations!!! **

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lbranjord - - 20 comments

Baszermaszer has a good point. You guys have unique animations and it doesn't look like a Unity Asset Store mashup. It's unique, a work of art and I respect it!

Nicely done.

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