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Update on Story, something important for ya’ll to read, and a request.

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Hi everybody, how we ‘doin?

This is an unscheduled post – I wasn’t going to do any more until the
release of the story patch – but a necessary one.

I’ll get the ‘something important’ out of the way first; If you want to
remove the mod – perfectly understandable if you do – please, PLEASE use the
uninstaller that the mod placed a shortcut to on your Desktop or Start Menu.

If you deleted these shortcuts, then either uninstall the mod from the
Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs), or double-click the ‘Uninstall Secrets of
the Venator Mod’ SHORTCUT (The EXE will not work directly) in the ‘Uninstall’
folder inside the ‘Secrets_of_the_Venator’ folder.

I don’t care how you do it (BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T USE THE SOTV
‘CLEANER’ I UPLOADED THE OTHER DAY), just make sure you uninstall instead of
deleting the ‘Secrets_of_the_Venator’ folder. Deleting the folder will not
remove the registry entries that get installed along with the mod, and your
system will still think that the mod is installed – this will prevent you from
installing the mod again at a later date.

IF you have already deleted the ‘Secrets_of_the_Venator’ folder, don’t
panic. If you now go to the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in the control panel, the ‘Secrets
Of The Venator’ entry might still be there, and you might be able to ‘uninstall’
it anyway.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to remove the registry entries
manually or with a third-party program. I’ll post instructions on how to do
this in the ‘Help’ section of the Forum.

If anyone wants further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me,
either here at Moddb or at EEAW or the EAW Filefront Forums.

With that out of the way, now the ‘request’: One of the features I’m
planning on implementing requires some Death Clones – LOTS of Death Clones.

Now I’m perfectly capable of doing these, but the process would be sped
up orders of magnitude if I had some help.

To this end, if you have any version of 3DS Max, and would like to
help, please contact me via PM with ‘Animation Helper’ as the subject. No
experience with animating in Max is necessary, as I can provide links to a
tutorial and help if needed. Nor do you need a version of Max compatible with
the ALO importer/exporter as I’m capable of providing all the models in .max

(Although having a version of Max compatible with the ALO
exporter/importer would be awesome as it would allow you to add the Alamo
Proxys and you’d be able to actually see how YOUR work would appear in game via
the ALO viewer)

And finally, the update: The Rebel story is progressing along nicely
and, though I won’t quite meet the ‘1.0
+3 Weeks’ deadline I set myself, it will be relatively close.

Until next time,


P.S – I’ve made a patch that fixes the Providence, (I laughed so hard
when I find out what was causing the problem) and my testers are checking it
over now. Expect that in a day or two providing it doesn’t break anything.

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