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New Tabletop Sandbox is finished. Try out the unit editor and Tabletop without registering.

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If you wanted to try out 3d10.net, but didn’t want to log in, you now can.

The first comment I got on Indiedb was to add an option to play without registering; many thanks to users dexAND and joshcamas. I've set up the unit editor to allow anyone to take a look at units. The Tabletop has also gotten similar treatment with a 'sandbox' game ready to let guests have a tour.

The Editor

Go ahead try it out by editing the unit below.



The Sandbox

...and try out the Tabletop Sandbox at Sandbox.3d10.net


The Tabletop Sandbox is a game like any other you’ll play on 3d10.net. A small difference is that anyone can join the sandbox, registered or not. Chat it up anonymously!

Random aside, I’ll probably use the sandbox system to put together a spectating feature.

Stay tuned for new updates! Coming up next will be a few more editing tools, and a proper tabletop terrain editor (and possibly some tool to preselect unit positions). Further out, new tabletop tools needed by dungeon masters and wargamers will be added, such as: fog of war, measuring tools, rollable tables, and decks of cards.

Anything the community wants changed is fair game, so post some feedback and your voice will be heard!

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Extra Screenshot:

sandbox screenshot

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