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This new version of 2x0ng includes several usability improvements and difficulty changes.

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I'm going to keep improving 2x0ng and making adjustments as user feedback and issue reports warrant. I'm pleased to present 2x0ng version 1.5, now available on Desura for Windows and Linux.

  • In gameplay terms, the biggest change is that 2x0ng now uses an arcade-style limited retry system. Now you can retry three times before having to start back at level 1. I will probably reduce this to two retries in the next build, with no extra lives to be acquired. I believe this will make 2x0ng more accessible, and moderate the difficulty somewhat, while still giving a good challenge. (The "only one life" mode from previous releases will be renamed to "Challenge Mode" in future builds).
  • I removed the enemies from Level 1 and replaced them with a little "billboard" explaining the basics of the game. The previous message on level 1 was too easy to miss, and thus people were left without knowing how to get to the help screen. I also removed the enemies on Level 1 so that new players can learn the mechanics easily without frustrating deaths. For experienced players, Level 1 will only take 5-10 seconds.
  • Level 2 is now a "normal" level with three colors, instead of a trivial repeat of level 1.
  • You can now use Control-N to cycle through the available joysticks, if any. This makes 2x0ng work better when multiple joystick devices are attached.
  • The exit waypoint indicator can be shown at any time by pressing Control-Y.

I hope you enjoy this new version. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the changes.Thank you!

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