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Manyland is an open universe we invent together. It's an infinite world without predefined themes or goals, and anything you draw can be placed into the world to build it. Over 200,000 areas have been created by now.

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Manyland recently released on Steam. It's a pixel-based, 2-dimensional MMO universe where everything you see was drawn by the people within Manyland. You can explore the world and collect any item, and add to the buildings in shared areas. Using the available scripting languages, adventures can be created. Instruments allow music making in groups. Mounts can be used to drive or fly around. There's quiz and art events, as well as PvP. This week, Manyland saw the creation of the 200,000th area. And we love to hang out and chat together.

We are a community and two indie devs and would love to say hi in Manyland! This is our labor of love. If you are a curator in need of a review key, please contact us at we@manyland.com. Thanks!

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