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What's new for November 18, 2016 (this year's results)

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What's new for November 18, 2016 (this year's results):

- Reworked system for events, triggers and user variables.
- Per-pixel collision detection is now optimized and separated from hitbox collision logic.
- Optimized lighting system.
- Added separate thread for music and ambience playback.
- Optimized loading for main game assets.
- Implemented skills system for controlled actor. System supports multiple actors, each with their own skills set.
- Added energy system for Namo's suit.
- Optimized collision system, reworked physical logics on the way. Added physical behaviours for objects.
- New system for saving game progress.
- Added HUD.
- Added in-game menu.
- Removed GodRays from title screen (to lower GPU usage).
- Working on a handy image gallery for the worlds preview.
- Multi-world system: you can make a transition from one world to another right in the game.
- 60 FPS lock for pixel-perfect collision detection and proper strip animation. Now working on 120Hz displays support.
- Adapted Mercury Particle Engine to work best with our game. Began working on Pulsar Particle Editor.
- Graphic device loss won't break the game now. Game supports multi-display desktops.
- Reworked all character sprites.
- Remade main game menu.
All other changes affect game editor. Too much to tell about, so we'll do that some time later.

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