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Post news RSS 1C Entertainment announces 2D Turn-Based RPG Terrain of Magical Expertise

1C Entertainment in cooperation with NEO-C Productions L.L.C is happy to announce, Terrain of Magical Expertise, a 2D Turn-Based RPG inspired by the hit web series.

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Prague, Czech Republic – May 18, 2021 – 1C Entertainment in cooperation with NEO-C Productions L.L.C is happy to announce, Terrain of Magical Expertise, a 2D Turn-Based RPG inspired by the hit web series. After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, TOME is heading towards its release on PC via Steam and other digital stores this Fall!

It's the year 2020, and a popular new MMORPG called "TOME" is hosting a special event with a huge cash prize. You take the role of a White-Hat Hacker, gifted a copy of TOME by a mysterious friend, who asks for a favour to try and take down some sinister Black-Hat Hackers, that are cheating to win the "Campaign of Champions" competition! Joining forces by chance with a guild of determined players called "The Dandy Alliance", you embark on a turn-based role-playing adventure to help your newfound friends achieve victory!

Key Features

  • Customize your player-character with a variety of magical techniques, all executed via specialized quicktime-events!
  • Utilize hacker abilities to turn the tide against your cheating enemies...or cheat yourself, manipulating the game's rules!
  • 6 party member characters, each with unique skills that can combine together into "Team Attacks" that will devastate your foes!
  • 25 stages to explore, with over 200 unique enemies to battle against in turn-based combat!
  • Branching narrative paths based on your decisions...as well as your victories and losses, resulting in multiple endings!

Terrain of Magical Expertise will be coming to PC and Mac in Fall 2021. For more information, make sure you check out the game on Steam, and Twitter, and follow 1C Entertainment on Facebook or Twitter.

Game information:
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac)
Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Developer: NEO-C Productions L.L.C
Price: TBD

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Published by 1C Entertainment:
Request a review key for other games published by 1C Entertainment [SECRET GOVERNMENT, REALPOLITIKS II, WRATH: AEON OF RUIN (in Early Access), COMPANY OF CRIME, ION FURY, STYGIAN: REIGN OF THE OLD ONES, FELL SEAL: ARBITER’S MARK, DEEP SKY DERELICTS, ANCESTORS LEGACY] via email at pr@1cpublishing.eu

About 1C Entertainment:
1C Entertainment is an international group with offices located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow and operating in the segments of game production, distribution and services for video game developers. The company releases video games for all platforms through its global network of partners digitally and in retail.

1C Entertainment has successfully launched over 100 game titles including critically acclaimed series - IL-2 Sturmovik, King’s Bounty, Men of War and Space Rangers. Recent releases include such games as Ancestors Legacy, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, Ion Fury and Deep Sky Derelicts. For more information about 1C Entertainment and their games, please visit the official 1C Entertainment website.

About NEO-C Productions L.L.C:
NEO-C Productions is the company of Independent Animation Artist and Game Developer, Chris Niosi. Known for his online animation work since the 2000's, NEO-C brings the creative endeavors of Chris Niosi to the next level with fully-animated features and story-focused games with a heavy emphasis on memorable characters. NEO-C's first outing to the gaming world is the upcoming RPG title "Terrain of Magical Expertise"!

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PR Contacts:
David Balsanek | George Mamakos
1C Entertainment

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