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Post news RSS 1.3.5 Update and site changes

In this update I am going to present you some major site changes and some informations about recently installed Wiki and Git. And also we updated Prospekt Source with many bugfixes and optimizations.

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Contents of this update:

  1. Site layout
  2. Wiki
  3. Git
  4. Prospekt Source 1.3.5

Site layout

Recently I changed Eatebrain forum theme to more minimalistic and simple one. Why? Site was reaching webhosting limits and this change partially solved it. Also on top navigation now you can find usefull links to Wiki and Git (read below for more informations).

Thanks to our forum member Dematos I decided to install Wiki. He suggested using DokuWiki. I think it was good choice to use it becouse it is fast, simple to use and lightweight. On Wiki I created some helpful pages what contains some usefull guides and informations about Prospekt Source.

Again, Dematos suggested to use Git. Git is great tool of sharing source codes and I decided to go with GitHub. It took me few hours to get how it is working and official GitHub windows app is totally unstable, but at end I got it working and I am satisfied with it.

Prospekt Source 1.3.5

In this update for Prospekt Source I focused on fixing all reported bugs and also improving engine speed. I think I did it right and now PS is even more bug free and faster. Here is all major changes what I did in this update:

* Removed client admin panel and now only slash commands are used
* Changed many public types to private types becouse they was only loaded once
* Added credits file
* Fixed some serious bugs in trade and party
* Fixed effects bound to target and optimized particle engine a bit
* Fixed alert messages
* Removed loading of constants from server config.ini to speed up code
* Fixed minor bug with clicking buttons in main menu
* Fixed Item Cost Overlaying Item Desc (Credits: Render)
* Fixed shop close button not working (Credits: Render)

You can view detailed changes on GitHub.

Download of Prospekt Source 1.3.5: Download from Dropbox.

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