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0.6.0 (Umber) has been released. There is a lot of changes. See full text for more information.

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0.6.0 (Umber) has been released

  • Added TQuadColor record with 32bit float precision and class functions
  • Added 4 simple demos
  • File format for textures now check with file metainfo instead of extension
  • Log.txt now appended with threadID
  • Automatic device lost handling (alt+tab) and restore. (this works only with window created with IQuadWindow)
  • TVec2f fuctionality slightly increased
  • new interface IQuadWindow. Now you can fully куоусе VCL or WinForms and create application using Delphi XE5 starting from 21Kb EXE.
  • CreateTimerEx has been added. This method can initialize timer in just 1 line of code.
  • Fixed crash at initializaton
  • Added QuadColor & Vec2f for C#
  • fixed DrawRotAxis method
  • Added most popular colors directly in QuadColor
  • Added QuadWindow mouse and keyboard handling
  • Added support for DistantField fonts
  • Fonts now use unicode instead of ansi
  • Fixed GetFontWidth and Height for non latin characters
  • Added ShaderModel initialization parameter
  • Added DrawQuadLine method for drawing lines with different width and color on both sides.
  • Added fullscreen windowed mode (borderless)
  • ChangeResolution no more overriden after render into texture.
  • Added TakeScreenshot method
  • Partially added XML documentation


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