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Changelog for the latest release of Samphi 0.5. This article contains a breakdown of the additions/changes and bug fixes that the game has undergone since 0.4.

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Hey all. Here is the changelog for Samphi V0.5. This covers the things that are noticeable in-game, and there were many more updates made but these apply to 'under the hood' things so aren't listed.

    • Animals are now saved when saving/loading the game
    • Beds can be crafted using wool and sticks
    • Beds can be slept in to skip the night (moon has to be up)
    • Bread can be crafted from wheat
    • Sheep drop wool when killed
    • Sound effect for fire
    • Sprint to character (hold shift whilst moving)
    • Wheat can now be harvested
    • Increased the walking speed of the character
    • Played with the depth of objects (z index)
    • Redesigned and properly implemented cave walls
    • Redesigned ladder item
    • Redesigned the wheat item
    • Stopped backing walls giving you a log when destroyed. They now give 1 backing wall back.
    • Bug where game would crash if crafting screen was closed whilst crafting
    • Bug where health could exceed its maximum
    • Bug where item tooltext was visible for items in the invent even with it closed
    • Bug where you could fire bow whilst controlling dog
    • Glitch when crafting a fire
    • Issue where you could only place weapons in your hotbar not your main inventory
    • Sprite glitches when changing direction mid-jump
    • Sprite issues with dirt when digging underground (I feel this may need further work)

Hope you enjoy the game, and please leave any feedback/comments you have on the game. It really helps to receive input from the community so every single comment helps and i read and reply to them all. Thank again!!

Till' next time, Ciao.


DarixGoof - - 16 comments

I've found a texture/lighting glitch. when you're breaking/placing dirt it can cause a black line... it goes away if you place/break another block of dirt so it's minor as of the moment

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GreenyGamesStudio Author
GreenyGamesStudio - - 494 comments

Cheers for reporting this dude. I have experienced this myself and am working on a fix for 0.6 :)

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