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After enjoying a much-needed break during the holidays, it's time to kick off this new year with a much-anticipated 001 Game Creator update you have all been waiting for! As well as many other cool stuff on the horizon!

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After enjoying a much-needed break during the holidays, it's time to kick off this new year with a much-anticipated 001 Game Creator update you have all been waiting for! As well as many other cool stuff on the horizon!

A HUGE Reveal Approaches

Keep your eyes peeled and your inboxes refreshed, because something big is going to start showing up on our Patreon VERY soon. For those of you who are in the loop, yes this is indeed about our "Super Secret" project that's been in the works for YEARS, and whose existence we've been teasing for a while now. If you'd like to be among the first ones to witness it AND receive some sweet upcoming Patreon exclusive benefits, now would be a great time to sign up!

SoftWeir Patreon

New Release!

The change log of this new version is incredibly big with 40 great changes, featuring a wide assortment of additions, enhancements and bug fixes. Let's dive right in and break down some of the best parts of this update!

The spotlight definitely shines on the critical addition of the HTTPS support (both Windows and Android!) for the "Query Webpage" event. This will open up so many exciting new possibilities for projects such as IAPs, using online services, accessing web APIs and so much more! (Please note HTTPS support will come to iOS at a later time).

Moreover, we've updated 001's Android API version, increasing it to 31 in order to comply with the new Google Play Store requirements. While we're on the topic, we also fixed some issues around Android. Namely not being able to build for said OS when the name of a project contained UNICODE characters, or a whacky behavior with random numbers that caused occasional higher values than expected and potential crashes (HTML5 too), controls being lost on Android/iOS when testing through the app launcher, and we made Android build work without legacy command line tools.


A "Smooth Scaling" option has been added to font resources to be able to turn off anti-aliasing in situations where it is not desired, and we also added a "Change Rain/Cloud Scale" map event and use value to be able to control density, speed and scale of rain and clouds easier through script.


And last but not least, a long-awaited feature has made its way in 001 Game Creator, which is the ability to toggle between windowed mode and full-screen via event. To complement this addition, support for Alt+Enter was also added, which is essentially a well-known short-cut that accomplishes the same thing! Furthermore, many issues relating to the full-screen functionality and various resolutions in general were also ironed out, providing now a much smoother experience across different resolutions.

Compared to previous versions, you can expect way less issues both in the editor as well as your existing games! We made actor collisions more consistent, Field related fixes were issued such as the field text line spacing not stretching to accommodate changed font sizes, and the Typewriter/Fade effect not refreshing after a field value changed. We also received numerous reports concerning tearing of certain terraformation pieces so we addressed that, in addition to another tile-set related issue which caused tile previews in the map editor to offset in front view. Some crashes that occurred when a weapon with a deleted body sprite set was fired, or when displaying text had a partial color indicator character. Other fixes include stuttering issues with actors moving on the Z-axis when a map floor boundary was enabled; the "Holding Point X/Y/Z Position/Rotation" use values from not taking animation into account; networking and hashing functions on certain languages of Windows... and SO much more!

As always, we appreciate the continued support and feedback that we receive from both the community and our Patreon members. You can view the full list of changes for the newest update and the previous ones from the changelog below:

001 Game Creator Changelog

Highlights from Previous Updates


For those of you who may have missed past announcements, recently our Patreon community received first-access to a brand new game recipe! We'd also like to remind you that currently the beta version our patrons get to enjoy includes the In-App Purchase feature so consider joining the community if you'd like to get your hands on it before it gets released to the public:

SoftWeir Patreon

Workbooks are shipping!

VGDesign Banner Workspace 3

Our brand new SoftWeir Video Game Design Workbook is finally out and ready to ship right to your doorstep! A whopping 156 pages packed with various resources featuring multiple worksheets, explanations and tools to help you get started planning your next big project! Ranging from checklists, to tips & tricks by real game developers, and even an organized and dedicated space for you to draw and take notes in. It's an incredibly easy, useful and portable way to manage and keep your projects in one place, on top of being fun!

Visit SoftWeir Video Game Design Workbook and place your order now!

Thank you to our supporters!

We can't thank you enough for having made all of this possible. From our Patreon members, to our translators, and the entire community as a whole! All of your feedback has helped us to improve our products and service throughout the years. As such, thank you! We hope the community and Patreon members grow to the point when we can release webinars in the future!

Hope everyone's year is starting off spectacularly!

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