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Looking for: C# programmer & writer
Engine: Unity
Payment: Revenue Share (unless i am very happy with your work and would like to pay you)

Hello ! We are working on a game called unwritten chronicles, the current team consists out of 16 members which most of them are artist/animator freelancers, two coders, 3 sound designers (freelance), 4 voice actors (so far).
We are looking for an extra coder and a story/gameplay writer to help out.

My name is Jara de Nooijer, I am 22 years old and aspiring to be a game designer. What I do for the game is: the art (user interface, characters, sometimes animation & the directing), testing the game, sometimes adjusting in unity, writing the ideas, managing & task dividing & marketing.

We have a summary of what the game story is like & questions stated in the document for the writing job.

For the coding we are trying to build a doc so the project in unity is clearer, so if you have any more questions that is always welcome. We use gitlab, and the project is kind of something to do at the side so there is not a lot of pressure. For the coders all tasks are stated in the trello, for writers in the GDD.

video sample of game:

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preferred contact info: jarafee@Hotmail.com

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