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Posted by Sapphirestudios.co on

Who are we?
We are Sapphire Studios and we are looking for some talent! We need an artist familiar with Unity 2D who can create finalized sprites/pixel sprites and animations for our platformer currently code-named Project Phil!

What are we looking for?
We need someone looking to grow their portfolio on a serious project in a structured environment with deadlines. The qualified candidate will be able to show us they can:
- Create quality and unique sprites
- Is comfortable with Pixel art style
- Can implement sprites in Unity 2D
- Ability to create smooth animations
We are currently looking for someone that is willing to come on-board as in intern under a creative director and, after a probation period, will have the opportunity to join the team for rev-share compensation.

What are you looking for?
If you enjoy working from home, having a flexible schedule, building your portfolio and also creating art and animations then this position might be just right for you! If you can work at a good pace, meet deadlines, give helpful input and ideas and work well with others then this position is really starting to sound right for you!

To Apply

How to apply?
Please email us at this email:
Please fill you subject line with this text:
2D Artist/Animation Position for SapphireStudios
Then in the body of your email if you can include links to your work we can consider you for the position and hopefully move you forward to the interview process! We hope to hear from you soon!

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