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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by True Illusion Software Inc. on

True Illusion Software Inc. is a small indie company located in Ontario, Canada.

We are looking for a Unity C# Multiplayer Networking Programmer(anywhere in the World) very experienced in Photon or any other Networking solutions like Forge,Badumna for a tasked based paid position (not per hour only per project/task).

Task 1:
Implementing and setting up military vehicles for multi seat positions in multiplayer environment with shooting and damage properties.
More detail about the task upon short interview via Discord or Skype.

Please email us with a short answering of the following questions:

1.) Your age and location
2.) Your experience level in years and expert level with the following
a) Unity
b) Unity C#
c) Photon Scripting
d) Forge Networking
e) Badumna
f) any other Multiplayer programming experience
3.) Your PC specs
4.) Your Internet connection
5.) How many hours per week can you dedicate to our project
6.) Is there any other projects you currently working on. If yes what companies and short description of the project and time dedicated per week.
7.) What would be your expected salary (Freelancer) Part-time 20 hours/week
and Full-time 40+ hours/week, again we pay per project but this will give us an idea with whom to communicate further.

8.) How to reach you for the next steps

Looking forward to hear from interested candidates.

Zvonko Ilicic

To Apply

Contact us by email to zvonkoilicic@trueillusionsoftware.com

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