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Artists located Anywhere in the Americas or Western Europe.

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We're of course are an Independent Development Group or as people refer to as an Indie Studio that makes Games! We're called Cup of Tea Games and we're a starter group looking for people who are interested in committing their time and expertise into creating games and media entertainment and subsequently making money out of it. Before you continue any further this is a Revenue Share Model for now. With plans to later grow into a monthly pay once everything goes according to plan with our release schedule. So if you're perfectly fine with that then keep reading.

This Ad is targeted to individuals who's main priority is to get things out there and to be skilled in the specific skill set that we seek to aid in the completion of the game. If you simply love to make games, improve your skills, or build your portfolio in a reasonable mount of time, then this is the Ad for you!

We are looking for a skilled Animator that is comfortable animating in Unity, Maya, or Blender. However we are currently requiring a Unity Animator for now. We have are ever growing family of team members that get together weekly to discuss plans, play together, and of course work on the games. Regardless of your current location, remote positions are open as of now.

As for the game that we are currently developing, it is a small scaled FPS arena shooter with one map that introduces simple mechanics such as shooting, weapon pick up-throws, ragdoll, destructable envrionments, and basic multiplayer. We already have a programmer and a 3D Modeler on board to handle all scripts, design, mechanics, textures, models, rigging, etc. The only thing we are missing is a willing folk to animate the rigged characters and weapons using the Animator in Unity. Apart from this we also dabble on other projects to release smaller titles on mobile.

Before You Apply...

If you're still interested and still like to know more about us before applying. We also have website you can pay a visit to check out our previous games : Cupofteagames.com

To Apply

Just send an email to : br.cupofteagames@gmail.com

Make sure to include a proper description of who you are and what you skills you can bring to Cup of Tea Games!

Max Wait Time For Response : 2 Business Days

Anywhere in the Americas or Western Europe
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