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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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We are a small team of developers brought together by the upcoming game Deep Space Downfall

We are currently looking to expand our team by recruiting a level (or better said world) designer.

You will be responsible for designing and building the in-game world and scenes in Unreal Engine 4. This ranges from detailed manual design in important areas and landmarks, but also extensive procedural generation of foliage (and environment in general) for the open and "empty" parts of the game world.
The world consists mostly out of alien landscape containing multiple environment types - including forests, mountains, deserts, swamps, etc, with occasional pieces of technology and infrastructure.

If possible, you may also participate in creation of the terrain in World Machine software.

You will be in close cooperation with our art team and providing advice in design and production priority of environmental game assets. All required assets will be provided to you free of charge, but only for production of this particular game. Any additional assets or software you use must be licensed commercially!

It is important for us that you feel comfortable and happy working with us.
We are very tolerant in terms of deadlines - you will not be obliged to work for a specific amount of time weekly or monthly and we respect any events or limitations (work, school, holidays, etc.). You may proceed with your work anyhow you see fit, although you will be expected to be able to complete your tasks before any releases or major events.

We cannot provide any forward payment. All income you will receive will be from the revenues earned by the game sales, split across our team according to the significance of each member's contribution.

You should join us if you:

• Like working in a passionate team and speak English reasonably well
• Have a fair amount time you can dedicate to the project (at least 7-10 hours weekly, but again, this is very flexible)
• Are okay with not receiving any income until the commercial release
• Want to gain experience and material for your portfolio
Most of all: Enjoy developing games

To Apply

If you are interested, write an email to Martin, our project leader @ mato.hrehor@gmail.com
Provide a brief introduction and do attach examples of your previous work.

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