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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by KristiforMilchev on

Payments (Rev Share, currently payments wont be send out, once we get funding we will pay all the work done till the funding and after that payments will be regular each month or commission based depending on the contract. )
Project Name

Stories Untold

Current Team size :
7 people

Stories Untold is action based massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), the game is set in fictional medieval era full of magical creatures, valiant knights, thiefs, beasts, kings, queens and mighty armies. Instead of getting the usual approach with creating classes for the characters we are offering the player to experience the world as he sees fit, we plan on having a unique experience system that enables players to progress in the world and become the class that they desire. The initial playable races that would be available on the launch would include humans, elves, orcs and the forgotten which will be a race consistent of all the fallen races. The combat system would persist of many different abilities and one character would able to possess both magical powers and both sword/archery/dagger skills however those that possess knowledge of magic would have severe reduction in the fighting skills as they won’t be able to advance as much as a character that is a warrior and vice versa. The abilities would not be consistent with regular mmos where you just press the ability and it hits many of them would require concentration and good aim. Magical users would be one of the rarest and most dangerous users in the world as the questline for even obtaining the first abilities would take a lot of investigating and time to complete. The story of the first expansion would be orientated around an ancient artifact that belonged to a necromancer and the expansion outcome would be determinate by the players in some ways, the quest system would be something unique on itself as once a quest is taken it’s on the map and the first one to return the mission would eventually win the award only people on the quest line would be able to interact with the quest or at least know that it’s a quest. There will be 3 general factions and many sub factions within them, however players would be able to conquer land build a village and with enough resources build a stronghold and advance from there. We are considering adding a death system to the game but this is still an ongoing discussion. More details a bout the story would be reviewed to the people that decide to join our team

What do we offer
Currently we have no funding, which doesn’t mean that people won’t get payed for the work that they do, once we have something that is ready to be released properly to the general audience we will be creating campaigns to raise funding so that we get to advance further and hide more staff expanding our self.
Currently we are looking mostly for good 3d designers as depending on the skills and work provided by the team member each of the people that decides to join for the first 5 people would get a co-founder share.
The ability to express your ideas and make the game even better.
Tools that you will have at your disposal
We have our own server running 2 8 core Xeon processors with raid controller and power redundancy, 16 gb of ecc memory as we plan on upgrading to 64 gb of eccs memory this month and licensed source control software for development with licensed windows server 2017
List of the software that will be available on your disposal
Visual Studio or any other ide that you prefer
Team foundation server
SQL server
Agile methodology of planning and execution.

What do we have done so far
It has been over a month since I started working on this project and one of the modules was used in the university defending my bachelor degree it consisted of neural network controlling the behavior of the npcs in the 3d environment. The more I worked on the project the more I wanted to get it to a real game, the ideas started to build up and slowly content became a present thing. I am not a 3d designer myself but it used to be a hobby of mine before I went to the university and most general stuff are not problem for me I can pitch in almost everywhere, although enough a bout that let me show you what we have currently present in the game. This are the raw models of some of the weapons and buildings that I have designed (keep in mind that those are just raw design nothing for production)

Aside from the design I have already created a server and client connection with in game movement, attack and pickup synchronization. The server is socket based and its running in .net core. Artificial Intelligence system that allows the npcs to take decisions regarding attacking, defending or walking inside the environment. Really basic Login system on game startup ( its just not pretty it’s a really functional haven’t had time to waste with such stuff) in game ui, for both (again not the best ui that you can image but it has all basic stuff like map, quest dialog that shows you all the quests that you’re on and such.) Quest initialization from the server, on login, movement synchronization on logout. Damage, stamina, concertation, hunger and fatigue systems. In game registration is handled trough another data layer that is running in wcf and it will be responsible for the account registration, payments and webpage content as well as launcher content that is planned to be running of wpf || uwp that is an ongoing discussion as well.

Who are we looking for?
Designers – currently we are looking for experienced designers (not necessary proven professional that knows how to bring quality content)
Voice actors – at this stage they aren’t are big requirement although it’s a work that must be done.
Unity game builders- generally we are looking for a person that knows his way around lightning building with little programming knowledge just so he knows how the objects are instantiated over the network. Delivering a nice and unique feel over to the terrain design is a must,
Programmers – currently our target is for students that have little programming knowledge in either .net core or 4.5 and entity framework core
Writers- even though we have an idea of the general expansion and a vision how the system would work we would like to get a dedicated person on the team that can write the side quest, side stories, dialogs between player and npcs.
In game testers that would ensure the quality control of the game while In development- this position requires basic troubleshooting skills etc (taking pictures, videos and the ability to write detailed reports onto our source control server for the team to fix them)

To Apply

Cotacts :
Discord server to show off your work so we can evaluate you
shikkm@outlook.com if you preffer emails
also I will be reading the posts here but its best to just hop onto the discord.
Thank you for reading, best regards and I hope to see you on my team.

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