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Hey, I'm Larry, and I'm a software and network engineer from the UK. I've previously been involved in a few small indie projects, as well as starting work on my own UE4 terminal puzzle game, and I'm looking for a sprite artist to join our current team of developers.


What sort of project is this?

Put simply, a 2D pixel-art game in the vain of the "Mystery Dungeon" series by Chunsoft. If that sounds like something you're interested in making, then feel free to reply. The game will be shaped by the people who make it, after all, and everyone will have creative input.


Is this a paid position?

No, this isn't a paid position. I have a part time job, and am doing this on the side as a passion project, and as something to work towards. This also means that the project is drop-in-drop-out, meaning there's no commitment to do work to a schedule or constantly be available. If you're not available, then that's fine. You're not employed by me, so you're under no obligation to commit.

If the game does release, however, revenue will be shared evenly between team members.


Do I have to be qualified?

Not at all! Hobbyists and industry veterans are welcome, anyone who can produce quality work is greatly appreciated.

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining our team, then you can direct message me on GameJolt with your Discord details at c272, or add me at "king d#4405". I also have a business email which you can contact, on request. (Spam bots trawl this site regularly, so I'll keep it private.)

To Apply

Contact me on Discord at "king d#4405".

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