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Posted by Wordforge on

Hey everyone, I need a profile picture! Before I start, I'd like to mention once again that this is solely an unpaid position. However, I digress. There could be some benefit to you. I am an online freelance writer (my website:https://uplinkedxd.wixsite.com/wordforge/contact ) who is part of many online game development forms and communities. If I like your work, it'd be easy for me to send your name to anyone who asks, or who are looking for an artist. I'm very active and most communities, and I can guarantee your work will have exposure.

What exactly do I want?

In short, I'd like a capital letter U.

I'm currently using this: Reusableart.com
as my profile picture on everything, but it isn't quite doing it for me anymore. I'd like a more uniform U. If we could do something very dark colored (blacks and greys), yet throw in occasional splashes of color, that'd be wonderful. If you have questions feel free to contact me at my email: Uplinkedxd@gmail.com. Just have fun with the project, I have no set needs or requirements. Minus the fact it has to be a U, of course. I look forward to hearing from you.

To Apply

Send an email to me first (Uplinkedxd@gmail.com) to let me know you're interested.

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