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Posted by KOC-316 on

Hello, my name is KOC-316. I am an indie game developer. I am making a rpg game on rpg maker vx ace. I understand the reputation or lack thereof of this engine
but my game is different I promise. I need a reliable coder/programmer who can code the rgss3/ruby the script from rpgmaker vxace.

My game is name Euphoria Arc. My indie game company is called EchoVision. I work from home currently looking to get off the ground but that does not mean that I don`t have the makings of a professional game. I am very professional and organized. If you reading this in the future past 2019 and my game is and company is popular just know I told you so. I will reward all that help me. I am very compassionate.

I will negotiate everything if you contact me. I don`t want to tell my game story on here but if you interested contact me
[echovision316@gmail.com] [Discord ~ KOC-316#6480] [Or PM me] please and I will answer any question you have. Again trust me on this my game is on rpgmaker vx ace but its not just some sloppy not well put together game. It`s a professional game and all I need is a programmer/coder who can reliably work the rgss3/ruby script.

Good luck to all and to all good luck!!! -KOC-316- [echovision316@gmail.com] [Discord ~ KOC-316#6480] [Or PM me]

To Apply

Contact me on my email echovision316@gmail.com. Discord is KOC-316#6480.

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