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Add job [RevShare] New Studio of Former Rioters: Looking for Artists at Hidden Leaf Games

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by STOAN on

Hi all,

Team of former Game Leads at companies like Riot, PUBG, SEMC, Zynga. Looking for talented people to join the team. Early stage in development, will lead to compensation if/when we secure funding. Location is not an issue, we have team members from all over the world.

We currently have a team of 28 people working on the game. We're building in Unreal and launching on PC at the start. We hope to be cross platform but our passion lies with PC games, so we'll be focusing mostly on PC demographic.

We've been working on the project since 2019. We have a polished playable demo and have playtesters playing everyday to help out with the bugs and game balance. We recently hosted a Friends and Family Playtest with over 300 players. There are weekly syncs to update and get feedback on Art and Engineering where you will level up your skills working with professional Artists and Engineers. We're looking for talented committed folks who want to build an awesome game and grow professionally.

Because of our background, we have some promising conversations with funding. Although the work right now is unpaid and will be unpaid until we can secure a source of money, once we secure our funding, all work will be compensated competitively.

Game: PvP Mid Core PC Game. 3v3 Brawler that plays on a map with multiple objectives. Brawlers have abilities unique to them. Items can be equipped to alter the abilities to create new play styles.

Looking for:

  • Technical Artist (Rigging and Animating)
  • VFX Artist (Projectiles and Abilities)
  • 3D Artist (Characters and Environment)
  • 2D Artist (Splash Artist)
  • UI/UX Artist

Experience of all levels welcome. Just message me and we'll see if there's a good fit!

Art Style: Looking for art style similar to League of Legends. We're looking for 2D Handpainted Style.
Game Style: Similar to Battlerite, League of Legends. Top down, controlling a single unit with abilities.

Raw Game Play Footage: Youtu.be

Hero Spotlight: Youtu.be

Message me if interested and we can have a conversation!

To Apply

Send an email to kevin@hiddenleafgames.com or david@hiddenleafgames.com with your interested position and portfolio.

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