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Add job [RevShare 50%] Artist/3d modeller needed 2-man project at Aquablock development

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Posted by Aquablock development on

Hi guys,

i am developing a survival multiplayer game currently aimed at web browsers.

I have already did a prototype running at Rusna.net.

here's an overwiew of the game :

Player should be able to open up the browser and play right away, without registration.
There will be n players on a map, probably around 20-50.
Each player has hunger, stamina and cold to take care of.
Everything drops continuously, and you can refill it. e.g. cold is replenish by standing near fire.
there is a day-night cycle, cold drops faster during night.
Player can mine, chop wood, and then build structures using them.
Score is calculated by duration you survived so far
There are already some enemies that you can fight with spacebar.
You surely got an idea of it.

I am looking for a 3d modeller and artist who is able to commit at least 15-20 hours a week. in exchange, i offer 50% of everything the game earns. I am taking it seriously and i am looking for somebody that will take it seriously, too.

You should be able to do simple, lowpoly 3d models and animate.

if you are interested, or want to discuss something more, please write me at m.sedaj@gmail.com

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