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Hello! We are RedMemoriesGames, an international indie game studio. We need a character modeler for our game. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4.
The principle is simple:
The game is an asymmetrical, multiplayer, horror-slasher, 5vs. 1 game where always 5 survivor fight against a killer with specific powers. Every killer and every map is different to the others. Everybody wants to give the survivor multiple, different ways to escape. The goal of the killer depends on the killer's specific power. In the game are different modes. As a killer you host a lobby, as a survivor you join a lobby. There is also a "private" match mode where you can play with friends as killer. As a survivor in a public match, you can invite 2 friends to play with them. Every survivor has its own statistic. There are 5 categories for survivor statistics: endurance, skill, knowledge, strength, fears.
Every character has its own unlockable perks (4 per character). The killer perks (except one) can only be used for the character itself, the one perk can be unlocked for other killers. Every survivor has 4 unlockable perks. All perks are unlockable on other characters if the survivor level reaches a specific level. Each of the first 5 survivors have a perk for a specific skill. (for example: Surv 1 = athletic = perk that increases endurance). The Perk increases the specific skill on the other characters. Every survivor can equip a maximum of 3 perks. Every killer can equip 4 perks. For every killer there is a map setting with 3 variations of the map. The map where the trial plays is random.
There will be a level system for the characters.

You might think: The game sounds like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th BUT no!
Although our game has a few things in common with these games, it works differently!
Differences are:
Every map is completely different from one map to another.
Every killer works completely different and the goal for every killer is different too.
We do not have mechanics that allows the survivors to kill the killer but we can create some things that the survivor can hide and escape the killer. The chasing stuff for the survivors is like a mix between both games. But as a survivor you have to play different against every killer.
The ranking system rewards you as a player with customizations and other stuff.
We'll have some perks in the game that will allow the survivors to unlock specific mechanics like a perk with that you can build and place traps made up of things that you can find in the world.

Payment will be made as Rev-Share as soon as the game is released in early access.

We would be happy to hear from you.

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