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Posted by RedMemoriesGames on

Hey there! We have a great idea for an interesting multiplayer game. At the moment we still have some vacancies to fill. The project will be in Unreal Engine 4.
he game is an asymmetrical, multiplayer, horror-slasher, 5vs. 1 game where always 5 survivor fight against a killer with specific powers. Every killer and every map is different to the others. Every map will give the survivor multiple, different ways to escape. The goal from the killer depends on the killer’s specific power. In the game are different modes. As a killer you host a lobby, as a survivor you join a lobby. There is also a “private” match mode where you can play with friends as killer. As a survivor in a public match, you can invite 1 (or maybe 2; decision isn’t done) friends to play with them. Every survivor has its own statistic. There are 5 categories for survivor statistics: endurance, skill, knowledge, strength, fears.
Every character has its own unlockable Perks (4 per character). The killer perks (except one) can only be used for the character itself, the one perk can be unlocked for other killers. Every survivor has 4 unlockable perks. All perks are also unlockable on other characters if the survivor level reaches a specific level. Each of the first 5 survivors have a perk for a specific skill. (for example: Surv 1 = athletic = perk that increases endurance). The Perk that increases the specific skill can increase the specific skill on the other characters. Every survivor can equip a maximum of 3 Perks. Every killer can equip 4 Perks. For every killer there is a map setting with 3 variations of the map. The map where the trial plays is random.
There will be also a level system for the characters.

What do we have done so far???
At the moment we have nearly done the first version of the first map.
The story for the first characters
The main menu and lobby design (just basic)
Lobby system

At the moment, we can not pay you for the work yet, but you will receive money as soon as we achieve sales.

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