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Posted by MrFirster on

Hello, we are looking for a talented and motivated pixel artist for our third Steam Game.

If you want to define the Look of an extensive indie game, implement your own art style and are motivated to
be focused on the project, especially the next 4 months (Scheduled Early Access) for a fair rev share, then
this might be something for you!

About the project:
The game is a rouge like management realm game and
plays in the Middle Ages. (More information and details will be shared in personal contact)
The core gameplay elements of the game are already very far
developed and are built around a solid core, that allows
fast changes and enhancements of gamplay elements.

The current team:
We are an open team and always discuss together about possible new game content.

At the moment the team consists of 3 people (Game Designer,
Programmer, Sound Designer). It lacks a creative person
for the right look :)

Steam Release:
As already mentioned, this is our third game, which we
publish on Steam. The shop page has already been reviewed through
Valve and is ready to be set on public, but we are missing good graphics for screenshots;)
If you should join our team, you will receive a dev
key to instantly add the game to your Steam Library.

What should you be able to do:
It does not matter which program you use (Photoshop,
Asperite ...) but it is essential that you have a license for
commercial use. (Asperite comes with a license when you buy
it and we have an Adobe (Photoshop) license) If you want to use an other programm,
you need a license for it yourself. You should be able to produce Pixel Art like as shown below. These

include persons, animals, Buildings, plants, objects, landscapes, as well as logos and
Images for branding and Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
Furthermore, you should also be able to animate your created pixel art.

(This pixel art is not from us. It's just a sample)

Revenue Share:
As all members of our team are working on a rev share contract, we would discuss the amount of your
share, if you and we are interested in working together :)

Additional Note: We already created 38 different Sprites in a low level pixel art in photoshop to
use them as placeholders. If you use photoshop, you can take the .psd files and edit them.

I hope I have described all the important information.

To Apply

If you are interested, send us your name, your portfolio (very important) and a contact option (like Discord,Teamspeak, Skype (Discord is preferred) by email to


or add me on Discord: Fister#5029
Looking forward to hear from you and best regards :)

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