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Artists located Anywhere.

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We are Nova Eclipse a new indie developer group working on our first game, we are a small team of passionate and friendly people. The team was started for a simple reason, the desire to create fun engaging and deep games. Our first project is a hybrid game having its roots in twin-stick shooters MOBA and RTS games, we are looking to deliver high-pressure competitive PVP experience.

While our team is in its barebone state what we lack in manpower and experience we make up for it in organization skills, we set up small goals that are easy and manageable to achieve. Ensuring we make good progress even when delays happen (And since this isn’t a game dev sim, they do happen quite a bit.)

Why do we think we are different from other bare-bones indie studios?
Simply put like I said before we are more organized, and we are more realistic. We know and accept the fact that we won’t be making anything that is going to give EA and Ubisoft a run for their money in terms of graphics scale and size. And honestly we don’t want to, we want to nail down the most important aspect of games, the gameplay.

We are looking for a 3d modeler/s and a texture artist/s, we don’t require you to have a huge past experience nor do we require you to know everything there is to know about 3d modeling or texture making. If you are a new and aspiring new artist, who knows the basics and willing to challenge himself to learn and improve as you go. You are more than perfect for our project.

What you will be doing:
3D modeling:
Character models, unit models, and environmental assets.

Texture artists:
Making the textures for basically everything that the game will need, be it characters units or environmental assets,

To apply please email us with what position you are applying for, and we will start the application process from there. We want to make sure you will enjoy working with us as much as we will enjoy working with you, and that you will enjoy the game we are making before we sign you on.


To Apply

Send us an email at novaeclipse.studio@gmail..com

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