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Add job [Rev Share] 3D Animator/Rigger Needed at Ground Breaking Games at Ground Breaking Games

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Posted by Ground Breaking Games on

Hi Guys, this is Ground Breaking Games and we are currently looking for 3D Animators who have an interest and a great passion in making a decent multiplayer 3D TPS game. Whether you're a professional or not doesn't matter if you're dedicated to your job and have enough time! You can check out the basic concept of our game here: Groundbreakinggames.net

General Requirements:
- Great passion for playing and making the game
- Responsibility of your job
- Free time to work on the project

3D Animator Requirements:
- Knowledge of baking animations
- Ability to rig 3D character models
- Understanding of FK and IK

Preferred Skills:
- Experiences in working with Unreal Engine 4

Our team consists of 6 members: a game designer, 2 programmers, 2 3D modelers, an environmental artist (who's in charge of level design as well) and because we are not experts, we all are also learning lots of things from developing a game SO DON'T BE BURDENED TO APPLY! (It's totally fine if you are a hobbyist)

To Apply

Please apply to us on our website (https://www.groundbreakinggames.net/en/secure/apply/)

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