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Programmers located Anywhere.

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We are trying to make a small basic 2d game with a couple of friends, and we simply need someone who can program it. This is simply a hobby and we aren't too serious about it, so if you're just looking for something to do over the summer this would be quite good. This is mostly for people with no experience who just wanna try programming a simple game, although more experienced programmers would be good too.
We currently don't have anything started, but I already made some basic sprites. Any contribution would be appreciated. We were thinking of maybe making this in GameMaker engine, but we can use whatever you prefer. I have very basic knowledge of Unity and GameMaker so I could help for that and the other guys don't have any experience at all.
Reminder that this is not gonna be paid, if we end up putting it on steam, it will most likely be free-to-play because we are just first timers and we aren't really capable of putting together something that would be worth money. That said, we don't just wanna make a piece of garbage and some seriousness would be appreciated. None of us are major, so neither do you have to be. This is the discord server where we will be organizing or whatever: Discord.gg

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll join the team.

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