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Our programmer has become caught up with other work, so we need a new programmer for the game known as Legends of an Ancient City. The art is pretty much done, and the first update should be pretty easy, especially since we've got most of the coding done.is However, we will replace all of the sprites in the game, but the coding will stay as similar as possible. I know this is not in the description, but we also need animators as well.

Legends of an Ancient City is an indie game driven by people who work on it as a hobby, but though we are starting small, it should turn out amazing. It is set in a post-apocalyptic yet pre-modern world, in the Roman Era. It harbors historical and survival elements, mixed with mythology that has been modified to a point. You are the creation of Odin, an Eitr-born. You are able to respawn through the eitr/ichor inside you. Though you were called to follow Odin, you have choice, and may follow anyone. Janus, the Greek two-headed god of crossroads, allows you to spawn as different races, such as dwarves, elves, goblins, and therians. Fight animals, soldiers, heroes and finally gods. Discover the legends of an ancient city.

Note: barely any of this will be added in the first update. The first update you can only play as a human, and the main theme is crafting and hunting, not warfare. Anyways, once we start selling the game we will give out pay, but not until then. Take it as incentive. If you want to join, we mainly need programmers, but any other job is open. My email is tfranknorth@gmail.com. We will communicate over discord or google hangouts once we get that far. Happy gaming wherever you fare. :-)

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Just ask to join and say what you're here for when you email me at tfranknorth@gmail.com.

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