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Posted by dumpingrom on

Hi there,

I am an indie game developer looking to collaborate with a pixel artist who knows how to draw epic bosses, enemies and other "decoration" assets such as ground, vegetation, backgrounds, bullets...

This would first be for a WIP rogue/mega man-like platformer game where you play as a sheep with a jetpack that shoots laser beams... yeah I know. Anyway, this game is planned to have 6 main levels with 2/3 subsections (pure NES style!), a "plains" level, a mountain-ish snowy level, caves, a desert, a volcano and a space station ; and also a "collect coins and buy stuff" system to upgrade weapons (that are obtained by beating bosses)

...But it can totally become a real collaboration on many different games (I have a few concepts for games I'm working on).

The skills required are:
- Knowing how to draw epic pixel art
- Knowing how to animate it (I can help with that a little, I did some animation at school)
- Be friendly
- Meet deadlines (that are not too tight!)

I think this is a cool opportunity, and if profits do come out of the game, it's a 50/50 deal.

I will very soon have a playable demo of the first stage, so you can experience the gameplay and see how shitty I am at drawing (below is a 2-frame idle animation). Simply give me a shout with a link to some of your works (if you have some) and we'll get this sorted.

Dumping Rom


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Gimme a shout at dumpingrom@gmail.com