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I’m in the starting process of building a team (all positions are open) to help make an 8-12 player party game that is going to have mini games in both 3rd person and top-down view. There will be both free for all, as well as team play. Each match/game will have 8 random mini games selected from a pool of them, and the last player standing in each around will receive the most points, with bonus points being able to be earned depending on the objective. Then at the end of all 8 mini games, the players will be placed from 1st-12th depending on their points.

Mini games will involve: dueling, racing, skill shots, hunting,

I have most of the concept art done for the first 20 mini games/maps, as well as how I want the games played out.

It would probably be made in UE4 or Unity as I can see either working well.

I wouldn’t be able to pay, besides the occasional pizza night, but once the game was finished, the team would share in 30% equity, as well as a minimum 10% profit bonus based on sales. Nothing is set in stone, and I’m totally down to talk about it.

If you are even slightly interested in joining and being a part of this team, please don’t hesitate to DM me, and I’d be glad to have a talk with or message back and forth to you about the game and any questions you may have.

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If interested at all, please email me at asaleh1002@gmail.com

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